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If Music is the Food of Love...what's cooking?

Cooking is like music where the sous chef and cooks are the orchestra and the chef the conductor. This has to be disciplined for a successful result. There is very little room for error and the improvisation (mise en place) which means ‘ putting in place or everything in its place,’ has to be done before the live session. Once the allocated time hits there is no time for preparation everything is GO!

There’s the chef (conductor,) unifies and directs the orchestra, the sous chef (lead violinists,) plays an important role in leading the others to a perfect performance, the cooks (brass section) and the young apprentices (percussion,) who is aspiring to become first, the sous chef then ultimately the chef. They all play a role in creating a successful menu.

This is the industry of culinary cuisine where the discipline is relatively the same in every destination. With a range of diverse cuisine a lot of travellers are combining their vacation with cooking classes and sampling different foods and wines which is thoroughly enjoyed by all.

There are a range of destinations where this is perfected to the point that it is turned into a fantastic and memorable vacation experience. Those who want the art of putting simple ingredients together to create something spectacular while enjoying themselves, should visit my niche page to get ideas of where to go and what can be done.

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Go on you know you want to!

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