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Doubt Kills Dreams!

This week was one of my worst weeks, not just with the business but with my life. I don’t mean that my business or my life was doing bad or going wrong, it was my mindset.

Growing up I always felt that I was unworthy and was an imposter in life, and do you know what? Unless you train your mind to think otherwise, it grows with you.

I have opportunities staring me in the face that can make my life so much better and I know that I can do it… so what is holding me back? Mindset and limiting beliefs.

I thought here I am an entrepreneur and although a little nervous, I was and still am excited. I thought that my mindset had changed, and it has to an extent, but then now and again that old enemy, SELF-DOUBT creeps in. It’s almost like there is a devil and angel on my shoulder. One always encouraging me and supporting me, the other whispering, “What are you doing…IMPOSTER?”

This pretty much feels like the story of life, doesn’t it?

So why was it a worst week for me? The devil was taking hold nearly every day. You see, I’ve been struggling this week with that familiar enemy. I’ve had it many times and it doesn’t take much for it to completely shatter your self- esteem; your confidence and everything around it.


Doubt creeps in and starts taking hold.

I found myself not wanting to work on my marketing for my travel business; design and create jewelry, which I love doing, learn how to trade, or enjoy time with my family. Being happy had to be forced and not even the comedy shows on TV lighten my spirit.

I found “fear” sleeping beside me and “dismay” holding my hand. I even found it difficult to do my early morning ritual, including praying. Then, I realized something had to be done.

Doubt is a way for the devil to get hold of you; his favorite tool, and almost every struggle we face begins with doubt.

Needless to say, my heart was aching so badly through all this, I don’t think I’ve cried that hard in years. The only time I cried that much was when my mum and dad died, and, you know when your heart hurts that much, it physically HURTS on the inside. So yep that’s been me this week.

Finally, I looked in the mirror and said, “I am worthy, I am the expert in my business, that’s why I have returning clients.” That little pep talk banished the devil on my shoulder.

You see, he only needs us to take a sip of doubt and then our world starts to shatter. It is the brother and sister of fear, procrastination and giving up. Doubt is the thorn on the rose bush, but the worst kind, it moves through you slowly and doesn’t really want to let go or be extracted.

It wants us to let it engulf us and take over, that what we could be turns into what ifs. It wants us to live with regrets and tear ourselves apart.

At times, life throws really heavy punches at us causing us to breathe deeply, to catch our breath and to fall back. But does it mean that we should give in? On the contrary, the way forward is to fight that feeling; put in on the burner; in fact bury it.

How? Change your mindset!

I cannot say I’m done with doubting, I’m human and I’m sure that nasty old enemy, who loves to visit uninvited, will come calling again. But I’ll sure try to defeat it.

Can you imagine what YOU could do without doubt? I mean, the sky is really the limit, right?

Can you imagine what you can do if you defeat doubt at the start? That promotion that you wanted… you’ve got it; the house/ car you were dreaming of…you’ve got it; the bucket-list vacation you have been dreaming of but never got round to planning it…you are going.

As 2020 approaches, and it’s only weeks away, my goal is going to pursue my dreams and achieve my goals without doubt; have a positive mindset, always!

Yes, it’s going to be a challenge and it won’t be easy, but I will go down fighting and you can bet it will be worth it!

So join me in combating doubt and take up the challenge. Let’s see what we can accomplish together!

I bet next year is going to be AMAZING, if we can do it! And you bet we can do it!



Comment below what you are going to defeat in 2020 to make your dreams your goals.

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