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Wedding and Honeymoon Registry- Great Idea!

Are you one of those modern couples or do you know a couple who already has all the pots, pans and china that you could ever use? One of the latest trend of Romance travel is the use of a “Wedding and Honeymoon Registry”. A traditional wedding registry allows couples to create gifts and experiences, such as flights, accommodation, and activities that they would like to receive as gifts from guests. This has been extended to honeymoons.

In recent studies wedding guests prefer giving gifts and experiences that are really personal to the couple, rather than buying traditional items that have no sentimental attachment (think blenders, toasters, home-wares). WOW doesn't that make you feel you are tied to the kitchen sink!

One of the main benefits of a wedding and honeymoon registry, is that it removes the embarrassment of either not going on honeymoon or having to explain why, OR asking family and friends for the funds. It allows guests to contribute towards experiences and gifts using their credit card, with the funds being directly deposited to your personal bank account or PayPal, This allows you or your guest to choose what you need and want rather than a million "toasters, blenders and home-wares."

These are the main features you need from your registry:

  • Allow you to create gifts that match real-life experiences, such as; flights, accommodation, experiences, and other travel related activities.

  • Your guests' contributions can be made via credit card, which will be received directly to your personal bank account.

  • Allow your guests to send their personal, and private, well-wishes, when they contribute towards one or more gifts

  • Track who's paid for each gift, which makes it simple for you and your partner to write a beautiful heartfelt thank you message with the ability to include an image from the experience they gifted you.

Before you get started-

  • It's a good idea to decide on a wedding/honeymoon destination and to work out a rough total amount required to achieve the honeymoon you desire. (This is where I assist you!) Make sure that you include every detail and expenditure.

  • For larger gifts such as flights, accommodation etc., most website registry allows your guests to contribute towards a chunk of the gift. This way your guests won't feel overwhelmed by the large price tag.

  • Have a wide range of prices, again this allows your guest to feel comfortable about their purchase.

When using a wedding/honeymoon registry you need to have it customized, I can work with you to choose the perfect destination and, once the reservation is made, I can set up an online registry through which you can have your guests contribute to the cost of the trip, instead of purchasing another silver flower vase! I recently had a bridal couple who requested wedding/honeymoon registry gifts in lieu of traditional wedding gifts and actually ended up raising the funds to pay for 85% of the total trip cost!

I can provide you with cards to send out with shower and wedding invitations and you get an email notification whenever someone gives a “gift” so you can stay up-to-date on those Thank You notes as well. There is no fee for the registry service as long as Inspirational Travel Plus research and book your destination wedding/honeymoon trip. The Registry can be customized as a landing page on your wedding website.

What a great idea, huh????

Maybe your wedding and bridal shower days are behind you, just like me, that certainly doesn’t mean your days of Romance Travel are long gone too!

One of the fastest growing trends in Romance Travel is the Vow Renewal Vacation and Anniversary Vacations. I go on them every year and I don't need to be wooed with flowers and candy. Couples who have survived raising their own children, multiple job changes, financial ups and downs and all of the little surprises that life can throw at them are deciding to re-commit and renew the spark to each other.

It could also be with their family – resulting in a multi-generational getaway. Sometimes it is to commemorate a “big number” celebration like a 25th Wedding Anniversary or “just because” they have managed to still like/love each other after all the years together.

What better way for new “empty nesters” to set the stage for a brilliant life together after the kids have moved on?

Vow Renewal/ Anniversary ceremonies can be as simple and elegant or as large and “loud” as you choose and the whole extended family gets the benefit of spending time together in a relaxing setting, while everyone shares in the joy.

So, the next time you are thinking about that special someone and trying to decide how to make them feel exceptional either with a destination wedding or a renewal, why not give me a call- your trusted specialist travel planner. I can be very discreet...I have planned many "surprise" weddings and honeymoons, Vow renewal and anniversary trips in my day! And I think it is safe to assume that a week in paradise might just get you a little more Romance in your life than a dozen roses!

Just Sayin’!!!!


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