Cruises offer great value: the fare includes accommodation, food, day and evening entertainment and transport to different destinations. Believe me, this list isn’t a comprehensive one.


Multiple destinations: You only have to pack once, while exploring a range of different countries and cities. Bonus: you get to sample the cuisines at each destination. How great is that!


Family Friendly: You can take your multi-generational family on vacation with you without the worry of how they will be entertained. On a cruise, there is something for everyone, day and night.

Cruising can be

Romantic: from the vacation for two to the proposal and even the wedding, you can do all this on a cruise.

Social: Did you board as a solo traveller? Believe me you will disembark with a list of ‘friends.’

Exotic Vacations: Have you got a bucket list but can’t afford each one separately?  On a cruise, you can tick off each destination on your list when you visit them on one planned vacation. Chose the correct cruise and you can visit each destination of your choice.


You can have a range of different cruises from an ocean cruise; round the world cruise; Disney Cruise; European Cruise and river cruise. There are so many to choose from it will take you a long time to explore them all… and even longer if you want to repeat an experience. There is even a cruise for families with special needs children.


At Inspirational Travel Plus, we can assist you in making your dreams become a reality without the stress and frustration.  We will:

*Research, plan and book your trip. Both land and sea.

*Research, plan and book your pre and post accommodation and ground transportation.

*Inform you of any documentation and immunizations needed.

*Keep you up to date.


Sounds great? Get in touch and let us plan your next vacation.

Vacation time is precious and you want to spend most of your time with your loved ones.

Cruising is becoming the favorite for all walks of life, couples, families, individuals and groups when they want to have fun and create great memories together.


Have you ever wondered why people return from a cruise raving about it when they return home?

If you have been on a cruise you will know why. If you haven’t been on one or haven’t even considered it. Here are a few reasons why a cruise can be a perfect vacation.

Customised Travel and Vacations Made Easy.

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