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Simple Tips for Refreshing Your Body and Soul

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

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Everyone needs a break sometimes – especially if you’re self-employed or working in a stressful situations. Whether you are looking for a place rich with history or spectacular scenic views, a wealth of relaxing and enriching activities awaits those who are looking for a rejuvenating break from daily stress. In this post, we'll discuss some of the more tranquil and restorative destinations waiting for the curious traveler. Use tips from Inspirational Travel Plus to plan your trip.

Look for Local or Regional Festivals

There are festivals celebrating various things, from purple hull peas to fire ants to beers, all over the United States. While you are enjoying the crafts, cuisine, and culture embraced by the festival you choose, you might consider staying in the area an extra day or so to explore the local landscape and beauty in nature.

Visit a Spirituality Center

For many people, getting in touch with their spiritual side provides enormous comfort and peace of mind. Spiritual centers can range from very specialized retreats to facilities that offer people of all faiths, as well as secularists, places of quiet harmony in which to seek healing for the mind and soul. The grounds may include meditation gardens, labyrinths to walk, hiking trails, or open countryside where you can stroll through peaceful meadows and forested groves.

Seek out Remarkable Architecture

Near Mill Run, PA you will find Fallingwater, considered one of the most splendid examples of residential architecture anywhere in the earth, according to Smithsonian magazine. Planning your visit getaway around visiting architecture of note can be both historically and aesthetically enriching. If a particular style of building, say Greek Revival, for example appeals to you, it's possible to find a region where you can see many structures of interest, like Buffalo, NY.

Try a National Park for Beauty and History

Including battlefields in a post about tranquil getaway destinations may seem odd. But a number of national parks are worthwhile, both for the sublime natural settings and for the historical features. Museums, monuments, historic sites and other points of interest may be in the park, or nearby. Visitors can enjoy the scenic splendor and quiet dignity of the park as well as the history. You can walk these quiet acres and let your mind relax, or, if you prefer, you can ponder the events that made an area famous and the lessons they hold of us living in the 21st century.

Seek out Water

Go to the beach in a landlocked state? Sounds impossible, but not always. Many areas have lakes or rivers with recreational areas established so you can easily enjoy them. You can rent a boat, canoe, or kayak and paddle the waters offshore. Or you can picnic, hike, fish, bike, swim, or ice skate in the winter, it's up to you. The abundant wildlife generally found near water provides numerous opportunities for nature photography and bird watching.

In this post, we've covered only a handful of the countless things worth doing and seeing on a rejuvenating vacation. Experience for yourself relaxation and change of perspective that traveling even short distances can offer. You'll return from your adventure with a refreshed body and a renewed mind, which is what vacations are all about.

Inspirational Travel Plus is passionate about travel and is trained to assess, meet, fulfill and exceed your travel dreams and desires. As destination specialists, their ability to provide tailor-made holidays allows their clients to relax in the knowledge that their individual travel plans are being looked after in the most efficient, professional and cost-effective way to fulfill every requirement for a memorable holiday.

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