Everyone loves a great cup of coffee and like everything else it has it’s good and bad points. I am not really a coffee addict but there are times when I felt that it is a lifesaver.

Getting ready to go on vacation can be overwhelming and this is where you need a ‘good ole cuppa’ to give you that extra boost and energy. There have been a few times when I have had to be at the airport at 6.00am which meant getting up at 3.00am which is what I call ‘silly hour,’ and I was just moving like a robot and not really thinking because I was tired, stress and anxious. However tempting, I refrained from drinking coffee at this time of the morning as it would cause jet lag later on and opted for herbal teas instead. I usually waited until later in the morning which is when my body needed it for that extra boost.

When travelling a lot of people tend to think about the negative aspect of their trip rather than the positive. This in turn leads to anxiety and tiredness. I have been there! What you need to do is make the best out of every moment of your vacation starting from the beginning to the end. Having a cup of coffee makes you alert and gives you the energy that is needed. It helps prevent gloom and negativity of the situation and puts you in a positive frame of mind.

At the airport and arriving at your resort you have to deal with quite a few things. Making sure the luggage gets through check-in at the airport, getting on and off the plane, getting your luggage from the carousel and worrying about how to get to your hotel, especially if you didn’t use a travel professional. These tasks requires a lot of energy and can put a damper at the start of your vacation. When you finally get to your hotel room, your excitement isn’t what it should be.

A trick is to make yourself a cup of coffee (instead of alcohol), as soon as you are in your room, sit on your balcony or patio and sip on your coffee while gazing at the scenery that is waiting for you to explore. Trust me it is worth it! You will literally feel the exhaustion falling away and the energy and excitement rising.

Have you ever been on vacation and think, ‘Oh I don’t feel so good?’ I have, and lo and behold I made myself a cup of coffee before leaving for the day and the ‘illness’ disappeared. It seems that coffee contains antioxidants which fights cells called free radicals in your body preventing you from getting ill. Bet you didn’t know that! Go on give it a try.

We all know that travelling by plane causes dehydration. A lot of advice is to drink water- good advice, but did you know that a cup of coffee can help alleviate this problem and bring your body back to its normal state.

Try it next time you fly!

One thing I would not do is drink coffee or anything that contains caffeine late at night, especially on vacation. Apparently, it resets your internal body clock back by nearly an hour, and if you are in an environment with bright lights your internal body clock reset back by at least two hours and twenty-five minutes. In turn you go to bed later, sleep later and so the circle begins. Not a very good recipe if you are on vacation.

Coffee has its positive and negative sides but I think that the positive outshines the negatives and this is from a person who is not a coffee addict. Like with everything else, drink in moderation for the best benefits.

So enjoy your vacation with a cuppa…!

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