Going on a vacation is an adventure where you experience new people, culture and cuisines. When I go on vacation my aim is to try as many different cuisines as I can possibly manage, not only the hotel foods but the street food and cafes the more local it is the better. Hey! Some are unique and strange but that’s where the adventure takes place.

For example, if you are not a meat eater and your vacation is in Trinidad, try the famous doubles, which is a very tasty street food and it’s eaten right there and then. In Mexico, the tortillas are filled with meat and very scrumptious.

Recently, my daughter went to Malta and explored the different places to eat from street foods to the cafes and finally the restaurants. Here are some of the places that will tantalize your taste buds.

Soul Food, Merchant Street, Valletta.

This eatery creates Italian flavour dishes using fresh quality natural ingredients. If you are looking for a spot of lunch that is healthy and reasonably priced, this is the place for you. As well as meat dishes, there are vegetarian options.

Examples - Buddha bowl; homemade chickpea burgers with hot spicy couscous and Mediterranean salad.

Eat Street If you are looking for an exciting place to have a spot of lunch on the go, this food truck would suit you just fine. With cuisines from around the world and the menu changing every day, this not only serves delicious foods but it is at an affordable price.


  • Vietnamese BBQ pork with vermicelli noodle salad

  • Pulled beef and avocado salad with lime and poppy seed aioli.

Traxbuxu Bistro- Valletta Beautiful bistro with a warm, rich atmosphere where there is a selection and seasonal menu of fresh fish, meat and pasta to ensure you have a quality dining experience. There is also an extensive wine list to accompany your meal with recommendations if required.

Booking is recommended.


  • Lamb rump with Kohlrabi, capers, anchovies and parsley slaw.

  • Paccheri Polipo - local octopus, light tomato sauce and olives.

La Vida Bar De Tapas With its Spanish cuisine, this eatery is unique to Malta. The excellent quality dishes have a specialist feel to it and is very affordable, catering to both meat and non-meat eaters. With the perfect host who is knowledgeable with the various types of wine, this is a great place to eat.


  • Spanish tortilla

  • fried calamari

  • tuna ceviche

  • gluten-free speciality cakes.

IL Horza Restaurant A fine dining restaurant this is a must on your Malta vacation. The selection of food on the menu is not only appealing but unique with six different courses to enjoy. Each course comes with a wine pairing, how spoilt is that! It seems that this is one of the best restaurants and is known by some as “The Little Gem” of Malta cuisine.


  • Pea sponge with smoked bacon powder.

  • Prawn tartare, prawn powder, onion custard, sweet red onions, chive blossom.

  • Crispy pork belly, braised pork cheeks,pork neck pie, beetroot.

  • Honey panna cotta with a texture of peach.

Now that’s what I call fine dining!

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