Vacation with a Difference…

There are different types of rail vacations, bet you didn’t know that! With so many rail stations especially in Europe, travellers are opting for a different type of vacation. Let’s start with…

The Independent Rail Vacation

These are multi- destination/cities that allows you to enjoy the spectacular scenery while relaxing, sipping and nibbling on great cuisines. You have the flexibility to explore and enjoy activities at your own pace throughout your trip.

It begins with a start destination and finishes at a different destination, but can be customised to include your favourite routes, destinations and even sightseeing features that you enjoy. Your hotel and meals are included saving you the hassle and stress of having to plan and put everything into place, including how to get from point A to point B. It is an all inclusive vacation that gives you a detailed itinerary of your vacation.

If you are looking for fun with a variety of destinations and cities, this is for you!

Luxury Round -trip Rail Vacation

When embarking on this type of vacation you can’t help but feel the romance and opulence in the air. As with the Independent Rail Vacation, you experience the fantastic scenery but with a difference. As you pass through each destination you are offered excellent personal service while taking in the ever changing views. Superb guided tours and excursions are part of the varied itinerary as well as stop-overs at luxurious hotels. On the return journey there is an added bonus of seeing the sights that were missed. Your every need is catered for and all you do is relax and enjoy your hassle free vacation.

With this type of rail vacation, you experience the era of bygone years in a modern world. Pure Bliss!


Ten days European Vacation with a difference

Family Rail Vacation

Are your family bored with the same type of vacations? Why not turn it into one with a difference by making it a rail trip. Your experience starts as soon as your travel professional has all the information needed. The beauty about this type of vacation is that meals, rest stops, tours even where to spend the night are all taken care of. Everything that is needed is aboard the train from dining cars, cafes, games, scenic views and tours to comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Want to bond and spend quality time with your family? This is a great opportunity to do this!

Rail and Cruise Vacation

Rail and cruise vacations especially river cruises are becoming increasingly popular for travellers. It is a unique and relaxing way to see a variety of destinations and scenery in one customised, planned package. You cover the longer distances by train, while you leisurely glide along the rivers or oceans discovering colourful ports and towns that can only be features in storybooks.

The train and cruise includes tours and shore excursions and some are all inclusive.

With comfort, relaxation and awesome views throughout your vacation, this is the best way to experience different destinations.

Discover One of Europe’s Fantastic Four

Other Rail Vacations

Rail Experience Vacation

This is a one of a kind where the travellers make the most of their experience. They arrange for sleeping accommodation, personal attendant, meals and other special amenities to make it a ‘bucket list’ once in a lifetime memorable occurrence.

Rail Getaway Vacation

This is an all inclusive, quick single city train experience, which usually last two to four days where activities can be relaxed or fun-packed. These are fun and flexible getaways where you do not have time for multi-cities vacation and this allows you to explore at your own pace.

Group Rail Vacation

The group vacation can have features of both the Independent and Rail Experience vacation. It can include solo travellers who meet other solo travellers on their journey; group of friends; or groups of couples. The experience is just as amazing and memorable.