What's Your Story...?

Stories are just chapters of your life that’s always changing where the pages are constantly being written. It could be as weak or as wonder-filled as your faith allows.

What do you want your next chapter to say?

When I was living in England, I decided that in my later years I was going to return to Trinidad to live permanently- which I did. Was it what I expected? I expected everything to be the same as I remembered it as a child, but it wasn’t.

Did I change, or did Trinidad change?

After living here about six months, and trying to get into the swing of things, I came to the realization that I had changed. I was used to the fast pace of London and for me this laid-back attitude was too slow. People had changed as well, they couldn’t understand my passion for travelling and experiencing different things, and some didn’t even want to travel further than Tobago. They were contented to do the same thing over and over .

I was getting bored and was on the verge of thinking that this wasn’t for me and I was going to return to England, but then I decided to turn my passion of travel, food and wine into something positive and worthwhile. I opened my business and became a travel professional for Inspirational Travel Plus. That way I was getting the best of both worlds, living in Trinidad which I love, and exploring the different destinations while making others happy by sending them, their families and friends on their dream vacations.

Living in Trinidad has a unique charm to it, there are things that ‘pulls’ you in without your realizing that you are falling in love with this country. From the cuisine, to the ‘liming’ and partying, it has a lot to offer. Here are a few ideas...

The Biggest Street Party In the World…

Carnival is the highlight of the year in Trinidad and Tobago. The celebration usually starts around Christmas with competitions, fetes and music festivals such as parang, Soca Monarch and more. This starts in December and finishes in February on the Tuesday night before Ash Wednesday. This vibrant and exciting festival has different parts to it and it is a ‘must see and visit’ experience. You can even experience and enjoy a Carnival J’Ouvert Street Party.

Read more about this at https://www.inspirationaltravelplus.com/copy-of-germany

Combine a Day at the Beach with a Tour!

Once the Carnival is over, take the plane or ferry to Tobago- (the plane is quicker, twenty minutes,) for a quick getaway before leaving Trinidad. Tobago boasts the most beautiful beaches on the island along with their tours.

Sit back and enjoy the sights while stopping for a swim at various beaches and sipping on an ice-cold beer or beverage of your choice. Lunch is included. This is a totally relaxing and enjoyable way of exploring the island. I did it and it was fantastic, the views were amazing!

Eat Like a Local

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Trinidad is to hike to one of the volcanoes where you can get ‘dirty’ by having an exhilarating and rejuvenating mud bath. Once you have completed your ‘body and face mask,’ hike to the beach where you can have a relaxing swim. Along the way you will enjoy the wide variety of the different cuisines and delicacies which Trinidad is known for.

Finally, I would like to say that Trinidad and Tobago gives you one of the most fantastic experiences. Friends who visited have stated that it is a lasting memory that they will treasure and some have even had return visits.

This is an inspiration for you to think about rewriting your next few chapters of your story; to inspire you to think about your bucket list trips; to create your very own unique experiences. I rewrote the next few chapters of my story…or did I?

If you are interested in experiencing this out- of- the- box vacation with your family and friends, please GET IN TOUCH and I will gladly give you more information.

I am very interested to hear about your experiences while travelling. Your favourite destinations or memories or your not so favourite destinations or memories.

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