As a Travel Professional, this is what I can do for you!

Hi and Welcome World Explorers,

First of all, let me say that I am honoured that you would consider me to be a part of something as important and personal as your vacation. It is my hope that you would find me a dedicated and trusted travel professional, as we create a custom made vacation that will give you an authentic and exciting travel experience.

I can take you from this...

to this... cenote in Mexico

If you are still wondering how the process works, I would like to give you a detailed but quick overview of the process. The outline of the process looks something like the following-

Our introductory meeting: This is a phone or skype call. I need to know your likes and dislikes and who you are on a personal level. I can then start to create the experience around YOU. This starts with brief questions.

Click here to view the questions.

Research: This is where the work really starts. Planning vacations takes hours and hours of research sometimes going into days, even though I know the destinations well. It is about finding the ideal matches to the authentic experiences that you are looking for.

Bringing the components together: This includes the flight, transfer, accommodation, trains, tours, special activities and anything else that your trip requires. These components are tailored to compliment your needs and lifestyle you shared with me.

Customised itinerary- Quote: You will receive an itinerary showing you the different components of your trip and the total price. At this point, you can add or omit items from the itinerary and forward it to me for review. I will then add or omit items. If it is fine...all systems go.

Booking all the trip components: This includes the flight, transfers, accommodation, tours and anything that is needed to make your trip original and magical based on the feedback given.

Review and finalise: Once all the items are booked, a detailed itinerary will be emailed to you. Before departure we will review all the components and I will inform you of the necessary documents, immunisation and downloads needed so that you are prepared, confident and have everything you need for your trip.

Points of contact: This is a personalised service and I am available whatever and whenever the need arises- before, during and after your trip. This is what truly make me different from other travel agents.

Review and recap: Once you return I would love to hear how everything turned out. I am looking to build a long-lasting and trusted relationship with you.

All this is included in my travel planning fee which varies depending on the vacation and components needed. The fee encompass all aspects of planning from the moment we begin, throughout the planning process as well as the trip itself until you return. This will be invoiced to you prior to planning the travel.

The next step is simple, click here to schedule a call and I am ready to get started if you are! Let me know if you are ready to move forward with planning your amazing vacation and I will send you the necessary contract and consulting agreement.