When Good Things Goes Bad

This has to be without a doubt one of the biggest challenges as a Travel Professional. Having look through brochures and online videos and pictures you are ready and have chosen the vacation of your dreams. However, no matter how expensive, extravagant or low budget your trip may be, there are many things outside of your control that could change your dream vacation into a total nightmare, quicker than clicking your fingers.

For years, I like many other traveller felt that there was no need to add the cost of travel insurance to our vacation. I was committed…I was going…after all what could happen? I love to travel to different destinations and sample the different cuisines. Nothing could possibly go wrong!

And it never did on previous trips; that is until my luggage was delayed for three days on a five day trip. I had to dip into my holiday spending money instead of receiving money from the insurance, to buy items of clothing until my suitcase arrived. Horrors! I have since learned my lesson which was very costly.

This didn’t only happen to me, I have seen many situations like this over the years that have affected travel plans. With me it was just clothes, but with others it was and can be so much more.

Take these situations:-

*I have been on a trip where the plane had to divert due to an elderly passenger being taken ill. Can you imagine the cost of the diversion, medical expenses, the ticket and travel for the return flight home? Plus the heartache. You do not need to be stressing over finances at a time like this.

*Flights can be delayed for a long period of time, and although one to two hours may be OK, what if you had a connecting flight? Recently, I was at the airport in Tobago and the morning flights were delayed due to a plane not functioning properly. Two of the passengers (a couple,) had a connecting flight from Piarco airport in Trinidad to London- their flight to London was at 11.00am. They actually left Tobago at 2.00pm thereby missing their connecting flight. I honestly hope they had travel insurance because an overnight stay, food, beverages and transport can be pretty expensive.

Or the possibilities:-

*One of your relatives or yourself falls ill through an accident, allergic reaction or food poisoning while you are on vacation. We all know that going to hospital and getting medical attention can be extremely expensive. Would you want to risk it?

*Or the best one! You have already booked your dream vacation for the 10th and on the 9th as you are ready to depart the office, your boss turns to you and say” It is imperative that you meet with ‘X’ client- who is all ready to sign a contract for a lucrative deal, on the 12th at 10.00am.”

Have to got the insurance to cover the change of flights and accommodation? Most resorts and flights can be changes either free of charge or for a minimal fee, but that is 24hrs before departure.

And the list of situations and possibilities goes on and on.

You may be thinking that you are healthy; have already confirmed your vacation with the boss and he/she will deal with any situations that arises. Chances are, you are right! But isn’t it worth protecting your dream vacation for the minimal cost of travel insurance? Your peace of mind and financial well-being are worth the investment.

So next time you are booking your vacation, ask your travel professional to include travel insurance. They will get you the best deals and will be there if any problems arise.

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