Don’t Wait to Follow Your Dreams! You Only Have a Certain Amount Of Time.

Do you ever think to yourself that you want to leave some sort of legacy for your children, grandchildren and future generations?

I haven’t always thought about it, especially in my earlier years. If I had I would have started what I am doing now, years ago. I would have taken my passion and started my travel business; but would it have been successful. The BIG ‘What If…’

Many have stated that our story has already been written and we are here now through fate. Sometime, I think ‘yes’ but, on those few occasions the obligatory ‘what if…’ pops up. What if I had the courage and willingness to leave everything safe and secure and accept the challenge that the world had to offer. I am now living my passion after all these years and yes, I still have my ‘what if…’ moments.

How many times have you thought, “One day I will take that trip to Hawaii or Singapore… I really want to travel all over Europe, but,…I want to start ticking off my bucket-list…” Sounds familiar! Whether you are travelling solo or with the family, the average person does not give themself enough “me” time because they feel guilty, and one of their biggest problem is not having the time to do what they want due to their work lifestyle. They want to change, but have no idea or have some idea of what they want, but somehow they are stopped in their tracks from doing what their heart desires.

Travel is proven to be a wonderful learning tool for people of all ages. Seeing how people live in other countries can open minds and hearts and expand imagination exponentially for both adults and children. Here are a few things that travel can provide for you:-

It can create lasting relationships… both between your own family members and people you meet while on the road. These folks that you run into along the way, gives you a glimpse of what life is like outside your regular circle of friends and can give you a fresh perspective on how other cultures live. It gives you the freedom to interact with other in a way that you wouldn’t if you were in your normal surroundings.

You can learn another language…there is something very exciting about being able to throw a few words of French, Spanish or Italian, knowing how to say hello in Portuguese, or ordering from a menu written totally in German. Knowing you haven’t insulted anyone or choose goat’s uterus off the menu- there is such a thing in Mexico. Accidentally order something inedible, or even greeting someone using inappropriate words and phrases can be embarrassing and your family and friends would be laughing 10 , 20 years from now.

It gives you and your family perspective…Meeting people from other cultures will teach you and your children that the way you look at the world, (maybe through distorted lens of the mass media,) in not the way of life for everyone, and you could be really wrong about some things. How many times have we arrived at a new destination with our head filled with…’this country is rife with crime…dangerous to explore…food inedible...' only to find it turned out to be the best knowledgeable vacation ever!

Normally I am a doer, but lately I have been procrastinating rather than acting. This caused me to have negative feelings and I have now realised what the problem was and rectified it. SO if you are reading this and saying to yourself…’Boy I want to take that holiday to Seychelles...’ do it now because it means that you always wanted to. You have dream about it, envisioned it and daydreamed about it.

Guess what? Now is the time to do it! I have had several queries where there was procrastination, and the holiday went, by the time minds were made up.

Remember time flies, and before you know it,especially if you are want to travel with children, you only have 16 to 18 summers left before they want to go on their own or fly the nest.

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