Planning your vacation will stress you out! Professionals are here for a reason.

The decision to spend valuable leisure time and money each year on a vacation is the most costly investment each year and the problem that arises is when you decide to do it yourself. You think to yourself that it is cheaper and you don’t have to pay a fee.

But guess what- you are up to your ears in work and haven’t got the time.

You are stressing and getting depressed because time with your family is non-existent.

You are unsure of what to look for and what to do.

This is what one of my clients experienced when she decided to plan her vacation on her own-

Client X wanted to go on vacation for her Easter break. Her specifications were:-

-3* plus accommodation with meals.

- Roundtrip transfer to and from the airport.

-Meals included.

Instead of asking me, she decided to do it herself and that was when her problems started.

1. She found the airfare at a discount price. Great! However, it was time limited and in her haste booked only herself and forgot to check that passenger number 2 was included before hitting ‘BUY’. She didn’t realise until two days later, resulting in partner paying full price.

2. Transport from the airport wasn’t booked. She thought that it was automatically done for her when enquiring. She had to take a hefty chunk out of her spending money to pay for the trip to the hotel.

3. The room that was booked had problems- She was unhappy, VERY UNHAPPY!

4. Meals were not included and had to be paid for.

What happened…she phoned me at 2am-my zone time- where I spent 2 hours sorting out the problems.

Result- Change of room; breakfast was included for her entire stay; Transport from the hotel to the airport for her return flight booked and paid for. I couldn’t do anything about the airfare.

You may think that this isn’t a true scenario, but believe me it happened!

So, would you…

Sit at your computer and browse through tons of websites spending hours and hours trying to find your perfect destination…your bucket list vacation to get back that family time and relaxation.

Do you know which site is beneficial to you? Have you got the time and patience to browse these sites? Do you really want to sacrifice valuable quality family time to do this?

Probably not!

I have spoken to so many people who did this and found that quite a few of them had problems either during the planning stage, during their vacation and even on their return home and they couldn’t fix it, just like client X.

There is a solution to your problem. Just get in touch and we will have a chat! Go on give it a try.

What have you got to lose except STRESS! FRUSTRATION and EXHAUSTION!

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