Benefits of Solo Travel. Doing your own thing!

There are lots of things to think about when travelling solo, and one of the most important one is safety.

Other issues are where to go and who I will hang out with.

While solo travelling can be a new, exhilarating and powerful experience, it can also be scary if you are experiencing it for the first time. There are pros and cons and I will outline these, although the list isn’t comprehensive.


* travelling by yourself can get lonely.

*danger can intensify, there is no one there to back you up.

*solo travel can be expensive.

Pros: *you are on your own schedule.

*gives you time to think.

*you come out of your comfort zone.

*it cultivates a strong sense of self reliance.

*it gives you a certain amount of courage, leaving you stronger, smarter and open-minded.

As you can see the pros outweighs the cons.

There are other concerns when travelling solo and I will attempt to give you an insight in how to deal with these.

What if the place I have chosen has become too dangerous?

If you are doing the booking on your own, you will need to keep yourself up-to-date with the information on the news or website. News often have scared tactic headlines. Using a travel professional will eliminate this. He/she will keep an eye on your destination and inform you of any up-to date issues.

How do I keep busy at a destination where I haven’t been before?

If you haven’t been to a destination and you are travelling solo, the safest thing to do is to book with a travel professional. Not only will they have your safety in mind, but they will book you the best accommodation, transfer, tours etc within your budget. They will also well as any tips and ideas on being safe.

Also take your camera and a journal to write your experience- you never know, you might get a book deal out of it.

Experience things that is out of your comfort zone- paragliding, snorkeling, body boarding. Make it an experience.

Depending on the resort, there are loads of activities on site- yoga, dance classes, dancing, beach games, spas and massages.

Trust me if you book with a travel professional you wouldn’t be bored.If fact I guarantee that you will make friends.

Nighttime is when solo travellers feel the most lonely. Choose an accommodation or resort with some type of night life on site.

I want to travel alone, but is there any way to find other solo travel buddies?

There are groups that you can join on social media. Find out in your community if there are like minded people like you who want to travel solo and meet up. However, be careful who you travel with and give your personal details. Get to know their background first.

How do I avoid paying single supplements?

In most cases you can’t, unless you want to beg, share a room with strangers or go for less desirable accommodations. Talk to an expert and book time to chat with a travel professional. They have a way of sometimes bypassing the single supplement charges.

How can I make my travel more exciting instead of being repetitive?

When I travel I usually visit a country twice or three times to get the full benefit of that destination. You can never see everything in one trip. The world is a vast place and the trick is to make a bucket/wish list of all the different destination you want to visit. Some destination has so much to explore that you need to visit more than once. So use your list, tick and review the pros and cons of each destination. This will focus you on what you like or dislike and will inform you on where you want to go and what you want to do.

What do you do to stay healthy when you travel?

One of the things that you shouldn’t do is to start binge eating and drinking. Stick to your regular diet with the occasional treats. In most destinations their have a vast selections of vegetable dishes, which is extremely delicious. Try and balance your proteins and carbs. Definitely don’t binge drink and keep yourself hydrated with bottled water. If there is a fitness center where you are staying use it, or go for walks.

How do I talk to locals as a solo traveller?

Same as you would if you were in a group or with your family. Talking to the locals can be safe as they know the country and area. Again careful as there are ‘shady’ characters at every destination. Talk to owners of restaurants and strike up a conversation with the staff at your resort. Show interest in their culture and cuisine. You will be surprised at the amount of information you will receive.

Do solo travellers especially females get the same treatment as male solo travellers?

There will always be inequality and even in this day and age you will find it everywhere you go. In some countries there are inequality towards the female, but at others the local tend to look after solo travellers- especially the females ones.

What are some of the strategies for deflecting unwanted attention?

The most effective way is to know the modesty requirement and laws of your host country. In some part of the world it is against the law to wear certain clothes. Again if you have a travel professional, you will be informed of the requirements- if any.

It is also important not to get too intoxicated as this will get you the unwanted attention that you do not want.

Is there a specific age when you should do solo travelling?

Not really- obviously you have to be an adult. A good indicator is to ask yourself these questions-

-Do I like and am I happy spending quality time by myself?

-Do I like making new friends, experiencing new cultures and cuisines?

-Do I see a trip as an adventure?

-Do I know how to handle myself?

-Do I never let fear get the better of me?

If you answered yes to those questions, then you are ready for solo travelling.

How do I deal with travelling around the world without a return or onward ticket?

Some solo travellers like to go to a particular destination for a period of time without an onward or return ticket and no particular date in mind. It really depends on the destination and airlines. Some are really strict about having a return ticket, like Spain and wouldn’t allow your to enter without one. My best advice is to buy a cheap return or refundable ticket to meet the different criteria. Have a chat with your travel professional and they will be able to assist you.

What is the best advice for solo travellers travelling for a long period of time?

Be prepared as much as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to micro plan every aspect of your stay. However make sure that you are:

  1. Financially secure.

  2. Have a health care plan and insurance.

  3. Up to date passport and visa.

  4. Up to date reading and information laws and customs on the countries you plan to stay in. Again your travel professional will be able to assist you with this.

  5. If you are planning to work while travelling, make sure you know if that particular destination will need you to have a working permit. Plan ahead before setting out.

Not everyone can do solo travelling, but if you are one of these unique and special person…good for you! You see the world as somewhere to explore not fear.

If you need any help with your travel need, let have a chat.

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