Solo Getaway- It’s Not Weird; It’s Normal!

The world is an interesting place and travelling and exploring is great for your health and well-being. It helps you to relax, clears your mind and restore your energy.

However,what comes naturally to some, may be a struggle to another.

Most people travel as a family, a couple or in a group, but there are some who travel solo.

My daughter and niece are solo travellers and travel at least twice a year, and they LOVE it.

This type of travel is increasing and has an impact on both the traveller and their loved ones. There is the nagging worry of safety issues by their loved ones and even the traveller themselves.

However there is an exhilarating feeling of exploring the world by themselves, in their own time and doing their own thing.

To them it’s an important factor in their lives. It’s not that they do not like people or don’t want to communicate, it just offers truly unique and valuable experiences.

The top reasons you should try travelling solo are:

-Independence- No need to compromise and wait around for others.

-Making connections- Because you are by yourself and not engrossed with a companion, you are more likely to chat with the locals and other travellers.

-Special treatment- Going solo raises curiosity, interest, respect and concern from the locals. They tend to protect the solo travellers and are less likely to treat them as a tourist.

-Alone time- You have your own quiet time to do your own thing.

-Growth- You begin to develop new skills, such as decision making. You stretch yourself because you have no-one else to rely on.

-Focus- The focus is on the culture, cuisine and history not your companion.

-Confidence- Solo travellers gain enormous confidence. They may be nervous at the start of their trip, but at the end of their travel, their confidence and self-esteem reaches new heights.

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Step By Step Guide to Book Your Solo Getaway

-A Specialist Expert Travel Planner

-Doing it yourself online.

Booking With A Specialist Expert Travel Planner

Step 1

Mark your chosen dates of on your calendar and schedule a call with Rowena.

Step 2

Consultation with Rowena. This is where your likes, dislikes, dream destination and every other aspect of your travel such as flights, accommodation, ground transportation, tours and activities are discussed.

Step 3

All aspect of your travel is researched including documentation and immunisation and your itinerary is prepared and e-mailed to you. This is where you can change, add or omit items to meet your needs, adding magic to your vacation.

Step 4

Your vacation is booked and payment is received. Your completed and detailed itinerary is emailed to you.

Step 5

This is is where the enjoyment and excitement really starts.
You have packed, all your documents are in order and you have been checked-in. All you have to think about is enjoying yourself in the knowledge that you are taken care of during your trip and even after you have returned.

Booking On You Own - Online

Step 1

Set your travel budget and dates- Plan your budget for your flight, ground transportation, accommodation, parking (if applicable,) meals, snacks and drinks, tours and activities and any other incidentals.

Step 2

Research your destination- There are platforms such as Pinterest and your web browser to give you ideas.

Create a folder to store all the information that you have collected on your destination. Make a sub-folder for accommodation, ground transportation, car rental, tours and activities, restaurants, and documentation. Keep the most important information as hard copies as well as online.

Step 3

Selecting your flight- Research the best online travel agent that suits your schedule and only include flights that do not have long overlays, use of multiple airlines/ flights, or too many changes of plane/airport. When you choose a direct airline it is easier to deal with any issues arising. Too many changes could result in delays and missed connection.

Step 4

Accommodation- Research which type of accommodation you want to stay at, the location and the safety aspect. My advise is to review each of your choices and TripAdvisor is very good at this.

When booking remember to read all the fine prints and state exactly which room is required and what floor. If you don’t you will be assigned whatever your hotel or resort assigns you.

Step 5

Ground Transportation/Car Rental- Research and select the best one that suits your needs and schedule. Ensure that the exact date, time and pick-up destinations are given, correctly. They are not responsible for your errors.