Trinidad and Tobago are known as the sister islands but are two very different islands. Trinidad is the larger of the two islands and is known for its wide range of cuisines, lively music, beaches, rain-forests and industry. Tobago is smaller and is more quiet, laid back and is known for its beaches, cozy resorts and coral reefs.


Having been born in Trinidad, I took it for granted as a child. I would go to the beaches, sightseeing and doing all the adventurous things that the island has to offer, but I wasn’t really taking in its beauty, adventure and scenery. I left at an early age to live in England, and although I didn’t want to leave, it was not because I was going to miss Trinidad, but my family and friends.


Although I loved living in England, I was always dreaming of traveling, not necessarily to Trinidad and Tobago but elsewhere. Why should I return, I was born there? I eventually returned on vacation with my children and was amazed by what I had missed and was missing. The beaches, scenery, culture and most of all, the adventure which my children loved. I did not realize that Trinidad and Tobago was an amazing country. I returned frequently to Trinidad and everytime I returned to England, I left a piece of my heart. 

Trinidad and Tobago is a country of diverse culture, wide variety of cuisines, breathtaking adventures, beautiful beaches and the warmth and friendliness of the people, and what everyone talks about the fabulous Carnival that takes place every February. I am passionate about this beautiful country and want to share the experience with you. 

carnival 1
carnival 1

From fine dining to street foods, you cannot leave Trinidad and Tobago without sampling these dishes.


The climate in Trinidad and Tobago averages from 22 degrees Celsius (lowest) to 30 degrees Celsius and above. There are only two seasons. The dry season which is December to May and the rainy season, which is June to December. Do not be surprise when you see clear blue skies in the morning, then rain in the afternoon. This is typical during the rainy season.


Trinidad is known for its yearly festival called Carnival held every February and called ‘The biggest street party in the World.’ It is held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday starting with Jouvert and ending with a full costume street parade on the Monday and Tuesday.



This is a large street party starting in the early hours. It is known as the official ‘opening of the Carnival’ and starts at 4.00am on Carnival Monday. During the celebration, revellers take to the streets jumping, dancing, drinking, shouting and generally having a good time. This is for the die-hards and has to be seen to be believed. It is an eye-opener.


Carnival Monday and Tuesday

This is where the various bands take to the street in colourful costumes parading and dancing to the different soca and calypso music. There are a vast range of bands and most will have sub bands within the main ones and is led by the king and queen. A unique and special feature to this parade is that locals and visitors can participate in the bands by joining and dancing with the one of their choice on the street. This huge and fantastic ‘street party’ ends at 11.59pm on Carnival Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.


So are you ready to join the biggest street party in the world?

While on your vacation in Trinidad & Tobago...

There are a vast array of tours and activities to enjoy. It ranges from bird watching at the Caroni Sanctuary, Nature reserves walks, hiking in Maracas Bay, shopping at the various malls to relaxing at Mayaro and other beautiful beaches and liming. This is a favorite past time, which involves hanging out with your family and friends, eating, drinking and generally having fun. Visitors are always welcomed to join in. 

Don’t think about it! Live your dream! Book it! Mark it off your bucket list and have endless memories.

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