Travel is my Passion!
Life began at the end of my comfort zone!

What can I say! Well first, welcome to my site.  My name is Rowena and I am the CEO of Inspirational Travel Plus.

From a very early age I use to look up at the sky with planes soaring overhead and dream of being in one of them, travelling to destinations not yet discovered. 

At school, even though I studied and listen to the teachers, the best part of the day and week was evenings and weekends where I would immerse myself in a book. Magical!

I would spend at least two hours in the library and exit with six books. I am sure the librarians thought that I didn't read them all in the space of three weeks...but I did!​

They took me to far away places that I had only dream about and some that didn't really exist. That was the beauty of travelled even though it was in your imagination. This was where my passion for travel started.

As I grew up, everyone wanted to be a doctor, teacher or lawyer, but I wanted to be an Air Hostess. Unfortunately, my height of 4 '10'' stopped me, but my passion found a way. I ended up working for one of the world's largest airline. 


My dream came true!

Forward years later and I am now a travel planner. 

I am a destination wedding, honeymoon and cruise specialist for clients who want to have amazing experiences and enjoy immersing themselves into the different cultures. I couldn't find the perfect honeymoon where there were cultural adventures, the cuisine and relaxation. So I took it upon myself to find and arrange my perfect honeymoon which was in the Dominican Republic. Ever since I have my anniversary celebration at different destinations. I did it for me so I can do it for you!​

My focus is on meeting your needs and customising your trip,  so that it will be your unique adventure.  My goal is to ensure that you embark on a vacation at the best value so that when you return, not only will you have irreplaceable memories, but you will want to repeat the experience over and over.

With all the technology around, 'it seems easy' to book your own vacation, however having a travel specialist assisting you, there are many benefits that you can have. Such as:

  • Personalised advice: from flights, resorts, car hire and more.

  • Detailed research, planning and itinerary.

  • Organization for that special event.

  • Continued support before, during and after your vacation.


This list isn't comprehensive. Go to service page for a complete list.

There isn't enough time in the day for you to sit and trawl through the numerous website, brochures, reviews and videos, while working or running your business, plus spending quality time with your loved ones.

Instead, I can be your trusted travel planner who will create the perfect vacation that will complement your lifestyle and give you that personal touch. I will make you feel that you are unique and that your vacation is just for you.

With my knowledge and experience of the pitfalls and the solutions, I can take the frustration and anxiety away from you so that you can enjoy your vacation or getaway from the thinking/planning stage to returning home.

At the end of the day, you are important to me and I am dedicated to giving you magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Your story has already been started, let me help you write the next chapter by clicking 'Book A Session' for your complimentary consultation.

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