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Welcome to my site.  I am the President/CEO of Inspirational Travel Plus.

"Inspirational Travel Plus believe that all vacations and destination weddings, honeymoons and other celebratory events should be about choice and options and about making your dreams come true. As a child, I wanted to be an Air Hostess. Unfortunately, my height of 4 '10'' stopped me, but my passion for travel found a way. I ended up working for one of the world's largest airline in the UK. 
My dream came true! Forward  years later and I am now the President/CEO of Inspirational Travel Plus."

- Rowena Daniels

At Inspirational Travel Plus, Our team live and have visited destinations that make exceptional and unforgettable vacations, destination weddings, honeymoons and more at some of the most exclusive Villas and Private Venues. Our professional and knowledgeable team will custom tailor your vacation to meet your needs, creating your dream holiday. We understand the importance of every detail that contribute to your special event, and with so many getaways to choose from we take care of all aspects to allow our couples to relax, focus on each other, and enjoy your most important days in a truly magical way. We want you to love to travel and experience new adventures. 

Planning your travel on your own sounds exciting, right? You research a lot of travel websites, plan your itinerary and you are ready to go, however at the back of your mind you may ask yourself, “did I get the best rates?”, “Have I got the relevant documents?”, “Did I book everything I need for my vacation?”. These questions can leave you feeling anxious and frustrated. It shouldn’t be this way.  Planning a vacation, especially if it is a special event should not leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 

Our customised planning package comes in two tiers: Basic and Premium. 


Basic package: Consultation, research, planning, booking, advice on documents and immunization needed. 

Premium package: Includes basic package plus check-in (where applicable), advice and links on documentation and immunization, choice of three resorts, a list of the best tours, what activities are available in the area and where to dine and PDF of destination.

Does this sound like something you would really like to do? 

Discover how much fun you can have by letting us plan your special vacation. Together we can make this an exciting time for you. 


Now let's us help you create your next chapter by clicking 'Book A Session' .

Image by Isaac Struna
Animal Flower cave- Barbados
Royal Hideaway Playa del Carmen Mexico
bridgetown barbados