Our Offer To You!
We do the work, While You relax!

Are you in doubts about whether to hire a travel planner? 

Have you ever realized you forgot to book transfers/hire a car or you didn't know you needed a vaccine?

What happens if you run into problems while on vacation?

Do you really have the time and patience to do the work? 

If you are looking to: 

  • Go to a destination you have never visited before.

  • Have the best vacation for you and your family.​

  • Have a destination wedding, engagement, bachelor or bachelorette vacation, or honeymoon.

  • Need flights and hotels for your getaway.

  • Explore, be adventurous and gather memories.

Then Inspirational Travel Plus will make sure:

  • The results of your trip will be fantastic. Not only will you be refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated, and feel healthier, but you will be more focused and have memories that will last you a lifetime.

  • We will discuss your plans and then create your trip around your desires.  That is why planning every trip with a consultation is best. We want to make sure that we can work together to create your dream vacation.

Inspirational Travel Plus can provide you with the following:

  • Discuss your needs and suggest a suitable travel package.

  • Research and coordinate all aspects of your travel arrangements as discussed.

  • Organize your travel from beginning to end including flights, accommodation, transport, tours, and check-in (where applicable).

  • Provide you with links for the required documentation, visa requirements, Vaccines, and COVID information, provided by your designated country.

  • Be on hand from the planning stage to your return home.

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Turn Dreams into Boarding Passes
Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets!


Step 1
Choose a date and schedule a meeting with us.

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Step 3
Your contract is prepared and e-mailed to you and the non-refundable research fee is paid. Once signed, we begin the research and create an itinerary. After, you can amend items to meet your needs.


Step 2
Consultation with a team member.
This is where your budget, intentions, destination and any other aspect of your travel is discussed.

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Step 4
Your outstanding payment is received (subject to change) and your vacation or event is booked and detailed itinerary is emailed to you.


Step 5
This is where the enjoyment and excitement really starts.
All your documents are in order. All you have to think about is enjoying yourself in the knowledge that you are taken care of during and on return of your trip.

To get started, schedule your Free consultation meeting by clicking 'Book a Session;. This will open up a scheduler so that you can find a date and time that's convenient to you. We look forward to chatting with you.