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Information Overload- That's Why You Need a Travel Planner!

People are using online booking regularly to plan their travel and vacation, and the booking sites have made it easier for anyone to book any or all aspects of their trip.

Most excuses for not using a travel planner is

‘They are too expensive…”; I can do it myself; I love to plan my trips.’; ‘It’s easy to use the internet, there’s loads of information.

While this is true and there’s a lots of information and options available, it can become very confusing to see what is relevant and what is not.

INFORMATION OVERLOAD! This makes planning your travel not only time consuming, but stressful and frustrating. AND this is just for a straightforward trip.

What if you had to plan for a multi-city trip with accommodation and car rental?

Where do you start? What do you look for? So many questions!

This is where I come in and save you time, energy, money and stress prior to your departure and during your trip.

Saves Time

I will do all the research and planning going through all the deals and incentives and choose the best for your needs and budget. I will give you information on the documentation and immunization needed, baggage, safety aspects and information on your chosen destination. This saves you not hours BUT days researching it yourself.

Saves Money

Unlike many travel agencies, I do not get paid commission but I charge a small fee instead. Consider the fee as an investment in your vacation. I actually save you money by getting you bigger discounts and incentives that’s not available to the public.

Personal Touch

Everyone is under pressure one way or another and your time is valuable. You have worked really hard and want a well-earned rest at your bucket list destination.

I make sure I listen to your needs and wants and will customize your travel to suit you and only you. I am all about making you happy and that’s what a search engine cannot do. I ensure that you get the best service from me.

There’s a saying- “If something can go wrong; it will.”

You can be meticulous with your planning but… here’s is what happened to one of my client.

Client A had a multi-city trip that lasted 3 weeks. The first week went extremely smoothly…no hitches. When it came time to start the second leg, that when problems started to arise. Client A waited for the transport which came, but went without collecting the passenger. The first thing that was done was to get in contact with me. It was dealt with and while Client A continued on the second leg of the journey, I sorted out the underlying problem.

On arrival at the destination airport, Client A went to get the company where the vehicle was booked. Unfortunately, there was a mixed up by the company and they either didn’t receive the booking or it went astray. I was contacted by my client and the problem was relayed to me. I was able to sort it out without the vacation being interrupted.

As a frequent traveler, I am able to give knowledgeable advice and answer questions such as-

Which side do I drive on in London? How do I dress in Thailand? Where do I need a visa? How do I get around in Barbados?

The world is big and ever changing and I want to give you up-to-date information about your chosen destination. I want to help you explore the world and create lifelong memories, for you and your loved ones. I care about you and I will go that extra mile to make this a unique experience for you.

Are you travelling in the near future and would like to have a stress free vacation?

Schedule a call at


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