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All inclusive vacation is the type of vacation where you are looking for absolutely nothing to do but just relax. Or is it? When booking an all-inclusive you have to decide what type you want to have.There are so many resorts type to choose from- family friendly, couples and adults only to adventure and multi-sports.

So what does the term ‘All-inclusive’ really mean:

At an all-inclusive resort one price covers- room, meals, unlimited beverages (both alcoholic and non- alcoholic,) complimentary mini fridge in room (depends on star rating,) entertainment, taxes, airport taxes and a range of activities that is too long to list. What is not included is- airfare and departure taxes, transfers, tours and excursions.

However, if you book with a travel profession your trip can be customised to include everything giving you a stress free and memorable all-inclusive vacation. Most all-inclusive resorts are located on a beach or have access to a public or private beach. They are gated and have twenty-four hour (24hr) security making it a safe place to stay.

If you are the type of vacationer who just want to sit back, relax, stay at the resort and do absolutely nothing, going to the typical all-inclusive resort with a long list of activities is ideal for you. However, if you are active and still want to experience an all-inclusive resort, there are a range of resorts that will take your needs into consideration. As well as the relaxed activities by the pool and at the resort, there are a host of activities off-site- kayaking, diving, swimming in a cenote, bike riding, hiking, horseback riding and the list goes on and on.

Swimming in the Cenote

Previously, we went to Mexico for our anniversary and stayed at an all-inclusive resort. It was bliss! Everything was there without having to carry any cash or card, only our room entry key. Plus we felt like royalty! We also went on tours and excursions (one being the many cenotes dotted around Mexico,) which we paid for, but we did not feel that we wasted our money paying for all-inclusive. In fact, we felt less stressed because on our return, we just got ready for dinner without having to think about where we were going to eat or the entertainment.

Recently, I went on holiday with my husband to Tobago for our wedding anniversary. After searching and browsing, we decided to go to a resort that had the option to have all-inclusive or not. Normally,I would go all in but this time I thought I’ll take the chance and go half inclusive, ( if there is such a thing.) Did I make the right choice? Here’s my thoughts! We wanted to relax, have meals and as many drinks as possible, both soft and alcoholic. We got our meals and soft drinks but had to pay for alcoholic drinks plus the resort fees. After day two, I decided to do the all-inclusive option. The resort fee was refunded but I wish I had gone all-inclusive in the first place. Saying this, the hotel was fabulous.

So are you in or out?

Choose with care! If you want to relax and do absolutely nothing, choose an all-inclusive with a long list of activities at the resort, if not opt for an active friendly resort. The best way to do this is to consult a travel professional who will customise and cater to meet your needs.

I would have to say I can do both, but deep down, I am an all-inclusive girl with a hint of activity thrown in.

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